2017 Easter Show Submissions

This year has slipped away very quickly, it feels like just yesterday that I was getting ready to apply for the Easter Show and now my pieces are done and submitted.

Even though I set aside ample amount of time to complete my 4 submissions I was stilling touching them up and changing my mind right up until the day before. This always seems to be the case with me.

I zoomed across there with an hour to spare before the doors shut and got my work in! I am really looking forward to seeing it displayed as well as seeing all the other amazing work. If you have never been it really is a great way to get your art fix.

These are the 4 pieces that I have submitted, I will load some more pictures below of them hanging once the event has opened.

I hope you like them!

This little Fantail follows a similar style to that of my 'Traveler Tui' and 'Ninja Kokako'. I loved having the pretty blossoms falling from the page. I have entered this piece into category 9 which is the big open Easter show category. The theme is loose and allows the artist to be free with style and medium.I think this year my Tiger was the most experimental, I loved working with so many different sizes pens to achieve depth and contrast. I have entered this piece into category 16 which is the 'Contemporary' category and calls for artist to use shapes and geometric inspirations. Hence my inspiration for this piece.For this piece I wanted to do something soft yet still striking. I most often have flowers in the background but this time I wanted them to be a strong focal point. I have entered this into category 12 which is a watercolour category which most elements of this are done in watercolour.

And for my final piece, an acrylic round canvas. This was so much fun and I hope it brings lots of colour and joy to its new owners. I have entered this piece into category 14 which is a professional Acrylic category.

Stay tuned for more images on the opening night which will be on Wednesday the 12th of April.


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