Ceramic Art Mugs

Ceramic Art Mugs

These lovely mugs are the latest addition to my collection of art products. My husband and I decided that we wanted to do most of the process 'in house' which resulted in many months of research and development in order to learn how to print them. As always, our aim is to bring you the best possible quality for the most affordable price.

The mugs are 11oz which is about 325ml for those of you that don't work in oz. The measure 9.5cm tall with a diameter of 8cm and the thickness of the rim is about 3mm.

*The spoon and hand are for size reference*



As part of our tests, our local cafe kindly offered to put one of these mugs through their commercial dishwasher to see how the colour lasted. After a few days we collected the mug and it still looked good as new with no loss of colour. Since then this mug has been through our home dishwasher at least 50 times and the colour still looks great. Here are some images of the dishwasher mug as of today.


The print quality is very vibrant and crisp. Due to the glossy nature of the mug it is difficult to take a close up picture but here are a few attempts to show you the details.


Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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