Schmicke Horadam Squarell Watercolour Paint Set

After a long time of using a selection of colours from this brand I decided it was time to buy a set!

How it comes

I purchased this set from my local art store, Gordon Harris and retails for NZD$219. Which I thought was reasonable considering the price you pay for them individually. This set does go on sale often so it pays to keep and eye out for that. I really enjoyed the initial experience of opening up the packaging and seeing how it was all designed.

The outer box is mostly white with some colour splashed across it, while the inner tin is black with a gold logo. There is also space inside to store and use the paints.

The Colours

I have been experimenting with all of these paints for a few weeks now and have defiantly developed my favourites and even a need to include some of them in my 'essential' colours list.

My personal favourites include the English Venetian red, Cadmium Yellow and the Phthalo Green. Each of these colours flow really nicely and has a rich pigment.

Following that, the Green Olive and Cadmium red would have to be my next favourites. Out of all the colours in this set I find the Prussian blue to be the most disappointing, the colour almost seems to be granulated and it just doesn't flow like some of the others do.

The Ivory black in this set is good but not enough to make me change from my current brand, the pigment is just not deep enough in comparison.

The Set

Previous to purchasing this tray, I fell in love with the Schmincke Ruby red and was sad to see that it was not included in this set. I think the set would be more perfect if it was included and perhaps even replace the Venetian red? A more intense blue in place of the Prussian blue would also help in my opinion.

I am a little bit sad about the Prussian blue as I find it really important to have an amazing blue but I am not disheartened by the brand, they are a fantastic option when trying to select a watercolour.

Although the paints are only 5ml, they do last a really long time (my last tube of Ruby red lasted about 3 months with regular use) and mostly have great pigment. The box states that you can keep using the paint even after it has dried on the palette which is particularly useful when trying to use every last scrap.



  • Some of the colours in this set are amazing and I will keep buying them.
  • The pigment on most of all of the colours is fantastic and being able to re-use paint that has dried is a god send.


  • A small few of the colours are not as vibrant as the others
  • I feel like there could be a better selection for a box set.


Overall this brand is amazing and Iove many of the colours they offer, however as a set I would not buy it again as I feel some of the colours are not that useful or preferred shades. I the future I will continue to buy and love this brand but I will buy the paints individually rather than in this set.

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