Society 6 Tote Bag Review

My Thoughts

I thought it was about time I did a review on one of my products from Society 6. Not so long I purchased one of the Tote bags with my 'Floating' painting printed onto it.

The initial check out process was very simple and straight forward. The shipping was a little longer than expected (about 3 weeks) which was all tracked so you can see exactly where it is an what is happening. I have been doing some research and apparently they are working on increasing the shipping speed to my area. I wasn't too worried though, considering we live in the middle of nowhere (little old New Zealand). When it arrived, it was well packaged in plastic wrap as well as another shipping bag over the top.

I was very happy with the quality of the printing. To be honest is is one of the best I have seen in a long time. The colour is bright, and accurate to the image I uploaded to Society 6. The bag itself was made well and seems very durable.

Photos of my Society 6 tote bag

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