Society 6 Womans Fitted Tee Review

Recently I ordered one my paintings printed on a t-shirt from Society 6. I wanted to write a review to give you my impression of the processes and the quality of the shirt itself.

Postage & Packaging

I ordered this womans fitted tee shirt on the 2nd of September and it arrived on the 17th, so it took just over 2 weeks to get to New Zealand. This is actually better than the bag I order recently which took more than 3 weeks. The waiting time was still a little bit a let down for me although I guess it could have been worse and it still arrived safely with no damage.

The tracking system was particularly helpful, Society 6 let me know once it had left their premises and then I was able to see the rest via the DHL Website. It came well wrapped in a waterproof courier bag and patterned with the Society 6 logo seen in the images below. 


Quality and wearability

First impressions were great, the image is a good size on the shirt and is not to overpowering. The printing does not sit on top on the shirt like you often see but rather it is printed into the fabric. When you run your hand over the print it feels very similar to the rest of the shirt.

The over overall shirt has a nice weight to it and feels soft and comfortable to wear, I also noticed that it is made by American Apparel and has no seams on either side of your waist like you normally see.

I am normally a size 8 in New Zealand and I purchased a size small with fits perfectly. It also has a bit of length to it which is nice to wear casually with jeans etc.

Comparison to the image on Society 6

I ordered this art on a light pink shirt to see how the colours would look when printed. The print does look a little bit more subtle than it does on Society 6 although I am still happy with the result. The shirt is labelled 'fitted Tee' on Society 6 but I think the image they display makes the shirt look a bit baggier than it actually is. Below is the initial art work, the Society 6 model wearing the ordered shirt and then me wearing the actual shirt.



Overall the shirt is great, I would definitely wear it and it's comfortable.


  • Print fills the shirt well and is represented well on the society 6 website
  • 100% cotton is soft and comfortable to wear
  • Seamless waist fits well and has a good amount of stretch
  • A good fit and length
  • Very high quality print that looks part of the shirt rather than like a sticker on top.


  • International Shipping (from USA) is a bit lengthy
  • Print is not quite as bright as shown on the Society 6 website (although I personally prefer the outcome better than the site's preview)
  • Like above, the colour of the shirt itself isn't as bright as Society 6's preview


Overall I am very happy with the whole process and I can see myself wearing this shirt very often as it's super comfortable and I really enjoy the design and print.

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