Te Atatu Peninsula Community Centre Murals

Te Atatu Peninsula Community Centre Murals

Recently I was very lucky enough to be given the opportunity to paint some large murals for Te Atatu Peninsula Community Centre. It’s a lovely new building but it has lots of blank walls so it’s a perfect place to add some colour!

I was tasked with creating and artwork that represented each of the 4 rooms and their colours.
Mātātā – Red
kōtare – Blue
Kuaka – Green
Tūturiwhatu – Orange

These birds each play a significant role on the peninsula so it is fitting that they represent spaces within the community.

Each piece took me roughly 1.5 days to complete, starting with the colours and then working my way up to the black detailing. 2 of the paintings can be found upstairs and the others are on the ground floor.

Here are some pictures of the process and a little time lapse video of the Kingfisher being painted.

Day 2 of the Kingfisher (kōtare) piece.

The completed Kingfisher- Second Floor.

The completed Fern Bird (Mātātā) - Second Floor.

The completed Godwit (Kuaka) - Ground Floor

Some Detailing on the Godwits wing.

The completed Dotterel (Tūturiwhatu ) - Ground Floor.


A time Lapse video of the Kingfisher being completed.

Thank you to the staff at Te Atatu Peninsula Community centre and Auckland Council for the opportunity.

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